RELAX your mind & body  
 RELEASE the tension 
RENEW your soul
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Blissful Release


Essential Oils and Other Ingredients

Essential oils are commonly used for immune support, stress relief, relaxation, skin care, respiratory health, sleep enhance-

ment, muscle tension & pain, mood enhancement and emotional balance.

Listed below are the essential oils and other ingredients used in our products, and, their properties:

Aloe Vera: treats sunburn and acne; moisturizes; lessens visibility of stretch marks.

Apricot Kernel: nourishes dry skin; rejuvenates skin's softness and elasticity; fights acne and inflammation; reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Argan: relieves dry skin and scalp; reduces wrinkles; treats acne; increases hydration of hair and skin; anti-aging.

Basil: relieves anxiety and depression; relieves sinus congestion and bronchitis; helps acne and soothes insect bites.

Castor: heals inflamed skin; fights signs of aging; reduces acne; moisturizes; fades blemishes; prevents stretch marks;

reduces pigmentation.

Cedarwood: refreshing; stimulating; invigorating; strengthening; revives tired muscles.

Clary Sage: antidepressant; anticonvulsive; antispasmodic; antiseptic; astringent; deodorant; sedative.

Clementine: antifungal; antioxidant; helps with fatigue and insomnia.

Coconut: moisturizes; used to treat eczema and psoriasis.

Eucalyptus: assists those who are prone to frequent colds; antiseptic; antiviral; antibacterial.

Frankincense: antiaging

Geranium: uplifting; balancing; astringent; cooling; eases symptoms of menstruation and menopause

Grapefruit: uplifting; reduces cellulite.

Grapeseed: anti-inflammatory; antiaging; antioxidant; eases arthritis; treats acne, dermatitis, sunburn, warts and edema; stretch marks; relieves hemorrhoids; relieves stress.

Jasmine: antidepressant; antiseptic; antispasmodic; expectorant.

Jojoba: treats psoriasis, sunburn and chapped skin.

Juniper Berry: fights fatigue; soothes muscle aches; soothes arthritis and skin flare-ups; helps with insomnia and boosts immune system.

Lavender: calming; stress reducing.

Lemon: antibacterial; antiseptic; stimulates immune system; detoxifies.

Lemongrass: antidepressant; eases stress and nervousness; improves oily skin; fights athlete's foot; reduces excessive perspiration.

Mango Butter: contains Vitamin A; treats dry skin; reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; plumps the skin; soothes

skin; calms insect bites and poison ivy.

Olive Butter: contains Vitamin A & E; renews and repairs skin; contains moisturizing and antioxidant properties of Olive Oil

with the deep moisturizing skin nourishing qualities of Shea Butter.

Orange: uplifting; comforting; detoxifying; increases well-being.

Palm Butter: antiaging; cleansing; moisturizing.

Patchouli: treats dermatitis, eczema, dandruff, chapped skin; heals wounds and reduces scars.

Peppermint: eases pain and inflammation of the skin; stimulates nerves; improves concentration.

Rose: antidepressant; antiseptic; antispasmodic; antiviral; antibacterial; astringent.

Rosemary: stimulates senses.

Rosewood: eases depression and uplifts the mind; helps skin regeneration; improves oily skin; boosts immune system and fights colds.

Sage: helpful in relieving muscle tension that comes from emotional and/or mental stress; antifungal; antimicrobial; antioxidant; antiseptic; anti-inflammatory; antibacterial.

Shea Butter: moisturizing; reduces inflammation; smoothes skin; improves skin elasticity

Soybean: nourishing; softening; moisturizing; diminishes wrinkles; reverses sun damage; tightens sagging skin.

Spearmint: antibacterial; stimulates circulation; helps to maintain healthy blood pressure; relieves stress; maintains hormonal balance.

Sunflower: rich in Vitamin E; reduces inflammation; moisturizes dry or sunburned skin; lessens signs of aging.

Sweet Almond: hypoallergenic; protects skin from UV radiation damage; able to dislodge debris and dirt accumulated in

skin pores; contains Vitamin A; reduces acne flare-ups; treats skin rashes; removes makeup; helps to remove eczema and psoriasis; prevents hair loss; treats dandruff; stimulates new hair growth; promotes healthy nails.

Tangerine: antifungal; antiseptic; moisturizes; treats dry scalp and scalp infections; soothes inflammation; treats rashes.

Tea Tree: antiseptic.

Vetiver: grounding; calming; stabilizing.

Wheat Germ: contains Vitamins A, D and B vitamins, antioxidants; moisturizes and heals dry cracked skin; prevents scarring; reduces skin damage; supports healthy collagen formation; evens skin tone.

Ylang Ylang: promotes relaxation; antibacterial.