RELAX your mind & body  
 RELEASE the tension 
RENEW your soul
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Blissful Release


Customer Testimonials

I had the pleasure of trying some bath salts last weekend. Being a single mother who also run a business my life is crazy busy and stressful. I was skeptical about bath salts relaxing me but I am now a skeptic turned believer! I only had about 20 minutes to myself but that was all I needed to feel relaxed and stress free. The aroma and sensation of the silky water was amazing and also made my skin feel great afterwards!! Bonus!! I definitely can not wait to get another 20 minutes to myself again! 
                                                      Toni L., Delaware

Bourbon Vanilla In-Shower Moisturizer smells great. My skin was super soft!
Heather, Delaware

My skin feels amazing!!! I used the bath oil in my "me time" tonight and my skin feels so soft! I always have to use lotion when I finish showering but tonight I didn't feel the dryness on my skin so I didn't have to use lotion! Love it!!

Alice, Delaware

5 Stars. I used the facial cleansing oil every night and I noticed an immediate change in my skin after 3 nights. My skin feels so hydrated and not dry like it normally does from other products I've tried. Excellent customer service and friendly. Please support! You won't be disappointed!

Kendra, Delaware

Honestly, I haven't taken a bath yet, however, I have been having trouble sleeping and thought to open my bath salts for the aroma. I slept through the night just by placing an open jar of the Rosemary and Mint bath salt on my night stand. The aroma filled my room and was so soothing I can only imagine what my next bath is going to be like. I'm looking forward to it. Thank you.

Tiffany, Delaware